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Welcome to the site that's

"There With Care"!!!
Welcome to the Flanders Northampton Volunteer Ambulance Web site!! This site is here
to provide information to our members and the public about our ambulance operations


Active 911: Members please Click Here to send me a email if you would like to test our new notification system. In the email please include your First and Last name, Telephone number and the type of cell phone you are using, iPhone, Droid or a non smart phone.

We will never forget...

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:: FNVA Firsts ::

11/2015 - Started using a Paging sytem that alerted the volunteers via text message.

3/2007 - FNVAs WRT conducts its first woodland extrication.

10/2002 - Reported by Suffolk EMS - Flanders & Riverhead having the top response times for 2001.

2001 - Amanda Makson posts FNVAs first web page. This page. Thank you.

4/1991 - Submitted to N.Y.S. request for EPI Pen Pilot Program

4/1989 - First AED's in Suffolk Co.

4/1988 - First Volunteer N.Y.S.Certified Ambulance in Suffolk Co.

5/1985 - First ambulance call

9/1983 - NYS Health establishes Flanders Ambulance District






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